Python cgi script can't copy to or modify items on file server

I'm working on an application to be used on our intranet.  It needs to be able to create directories and move files to our file server (N:), and to eventually modify them.  Currently, I'm testing it using IIS (localhost) on my computer.  I'm a novice at IIS by the way.   Okay, I'm using a python cgi script and it is unable to do this...
driveLetter = r'N:'
    picDir = os.path.join(driveLetter,r'FieldPics') #set output directory as N:\FieldPics   
    picCountyDir = os.path.join(picDir, str(county[0])) #set output directory as N:\FieldPics\CountyName 
    if not os.path.exists(picCountyDir):
        os.makedirs(picCountyDir) #if necesssary create the county directory inside the N:\FieldPics directory

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It tells me, "The system cannot find the path specified."   I have given IUSR and NETWORK SERVICE full control of N:\FieldPics.  I'm unable to figure out what I need to do next.
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FIrst off, you'll need to use the UNC path rather than a mapped drive.  Mapped drives are based on the security context of the running process and your IIS process won't have an N:\ drive.  
sharePath = r'\\MyServer\myShare'
picDir = os.path.join(sharePath, r'FieldPrice')

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If you're allowing anonymous access, your next problem will be a problem with IIS impersonation.  See the microsoft kb article ( for details.  But basically, you'll need to get IIS to use a network account to access the resource by setting the application pool identity to a domain account:

1) Right-click the Application Pool hosting your CGI process (unless you've made changes it will be the DefaultAppPool)
2) Select Advanced Settings...
3) Update the Identity setting -- switch it to custom and enter the username (domain\username) and password of an account that IIS will use to access the resource

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