Access disabled mailbox in recovery database

One of our clients did some spring cleaning and removed old users off the server. Of course several weeks later they have no said they need a mailbox restoring as it has data in it they need!

I've managed to recover a backup that has the mailbox in question on it and I've created a recovery database from it. The problem I now have is the mailbox I need to recover is showing as mailbox disabled. Clearly all the data is still there as I can see from the size of the mailbox.

I've tried Connect-Mailbox but it doesn't work as it says mailboxes in a recovery database can't be connected to user account

I've also tried Restore-Mailbox but that also doesn't work saying user can't be found.

What is the correct way to access the disabled mailbox?
Dave RobinsonAsked:
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Peter HutchisonSenior Network Systems SpecialistCommented:
When using the Restore-mailbox, use the exact alias or display name to retrieve the mailbox from the recovery store.
Use the Get-Mailbox -Database dbname to list all mailboxes in the recovery store and filter alias or display names.
Connect-mailbox cannot be used on recovery stores.
Dave RobinsonAuthor Commented:
Managed to resolve the issue. First found this TechNet article which directed me to a second article. Despite the fact I'm working on Exchange 2010 and it says it is for Exchange 2013 it did the trick and recovered the mailbox.

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Dave RobinsonAuthor Commented:
Managed to resolve the problem ourselves.
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