mass storage drivers

Alieware Aura R4
Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit.

I am trying to reinstall windows but it does not see the hard drive I guess and is wanting a disk with mass storage drivers.

I have been to Dell and no such drivers can be found.

Does anyone have a suggestion.

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Does this Dell driver download page help ?

If, not give us more information.  Can you show us a screen shot of the message about "mass storage"?  I am not sure I know what is meant and would not think mass storage would be involved when trying to reinstall Windows.  

I normally do not recommend drivers from third parties, but maybe these will help if nothing else does.   Note the tabs at the top for drivers for different purposes.
WrightNetDesignsAuthor Commented:
No go.
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WrightNetDesignsAuthor Commented:
The driver download page at dell is no good.

It goes through the install as usual then when it get to where you custom or advanced install it then ask for a mass storage driver.  I have never had this issue with any system so it is new to me.
" give us more information.  Can you show us a screen shot of the message about "mass storage"?  I am not sure I know what is meant and would not think mass storage would be involved when trying to reinstall Windows"
WrightNetDesignsAuthor Commented:
See images attached.

Wen I get to the custom install I get the prompt

Load mass storage drivers.

File is attached
Have you clicked the Load Driver button as suggested?
Windows Install is not recognizing any of your hard drives.  If Load Driver does not solve your problem, you may want to install a new hard drive.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
This message has very little to do with actually loading a driver(!)

Are you happy completely erasing the current hard drive?

The error is down to one of two scenarios:

1) Hardware:The HDD cannot be detected - if this is the case it won't show in the BIOS

2) Software: The format of the HDD cannot be understood by the Windows installer - often happens if you have non-standard partitions on the disk or you have used a disk wiping tool that has set the partition in a state that can't be read.

If this was a system that had been working fine before the reinstall I'd guess Scenario 2) is most likely and you'll need to use Windows' Setup Partiton Manager (DiskPart) to restore the drive partition to a useable format.

Restart the installation
After you get past the language selection don't click "Install Now" in the middle of the screen. instead click "Repair Your Computer" (in the lower left) and then open "Command Prompt" (You can also press shift + F10)

In the Command Prompt black window enter the following hitting enter at the end of each line:


list disk

select disk <number>

(Choose the partiton you want to install Windows to - be guided by the partition size = from the list of disks put that in as <number>) Windows should return a confirmation "Disk <number> is now the selected disk")



Now restart the System, and start the install again you should be able to complete the installation and see the partiton you processed.
WrightNetDesignsAuthor Commented:
This is my sons.  He is selling so I thought I would re-install.

Started re-install before wiping drive and it would not work, that is why I wiped drive.

I will go over what you have typed and post back shortly.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts
"Have you clicked the Load Driver button as suggested?"
Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
No drivers necessary, the drive is either dead or not formatted properly
>>  This is my sons.  He is selling so I thought I would re-install.   <<
is it still running ok?   then look in device manager what driver you need
check also what OS and disk format is used; if it is another than windows, you 'll have to delete the partitions, and reinitialise and format it
WrightNetDesignsAuthor Commented:
Hello MASQ,

I tried your fix but it still does not show the drive.  It appears on any other computer I throw it in.  I tried another hard drive (New) and same.

Since I still have warranty I will try and contact Dell.  Yesterday was a high volume and would have waited an hour on the phone.  I guess today I may need to do this.

I will post back when we get a fix in case someone else should have this.


any comments on my post?
WrightNetDesignsAuthor Commented:
Yes I looked at Nobus, system hard drive has been wiped.  So does not apply.

Drive has been wiped like I have wiped 100 others.  It is something with the system.
 "Have you clicked the Load Driver button as suggested?"
Mike TLeading EngineerCommented:

This is not a driver issue, it's a drive detection & formatting issue.

1) Can you see the disk in the UEFI (aka new fangled BIOS)?
2) If you don't have UEFI you'll only have the BIOS, can you see the drive in there?

You might need to reset the disk type from IDE emulation to AHCI.

Finally, I had this issue recently and it turned out to be because I had formatted the disk with GPT partitions. Once I re-formatted it as a basic disk then it appeared in the drive window. Why? Because I was booting with the BIOS not UEFI and "Windows only supports booting from a GPT disk on systems that contain Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) boot firmware."


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can you confirm the drive is seen in the bios?
WrightNetDesignsAuthor Commented:
Sorry for long response.  Was away on holidays.

Mike solution was correct.
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