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I have a new server to setup for my customer.  I want to do some configurations on the server before it goes into the office.
I would like to promote it to a DC get windows deployment going DHCP DNS....

The problem is I already have a domain test lab.  How do I bring up another domain?

I think this is the way I would do it:

Get a router

Take an IP off the current domain

Configure the router with the IP Address of the target domain in this

Promote the server to a DC and make it the first Domain Controller in the forest

It should not interfere with current domain and when done configuring I should be able to plug in into the new network


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Liam SomervilleSenior Security ConsultantCommented:
If you don't need to access it outside of the lab network you can just create your new DC using the existing Layer 2 infrastructure. The only headaches you would induce would be enabling DHCP on your new DC, since there's nothing that would stop it from responding to all clients.

If you really want DHCP enabled, then you're exactly right.
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