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We are hosting a public DNS zone. One of our Webserver is going to be hosted by a vendor and we will need to redirect the traffic to them. We are first going to change the webserver to redirect to a different URL and then we will change DNS.

In regard to DNS right now we have an A record pointing to a public IP.

Webserver.ourdnsserver.com -

We need this record to go to a new URL (different domain) or public IP/s what's the best option to get this changed?

1.) Change the A record to their public IP/s
3.) Anything else...

Thank you.
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Liam SomervilleSenior Security Consultant

We are first going to change the webserver to redirect to a different URL and then we will change DNS.
I'm a little unclear about what you mean by the above. The approach I'd take here would be to mirror the content on both websites so they're identical, then update your A record to point to the new IP. If you're doing a complete redesign, then you should just be able to change the IP.
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The simplest way here could be just replace Host(A) record with vendor public IP and allow some time to replicate to internet dns servers


What I meant to say is that we will put a redirection on the IIS to redirect the request to the new URL (external site) before we make any changes to DNS. If anything goes wrong with the external vendor we can quickly get the site back to us without having to wait for DNS changes to replicate.

Then once everything is functional we will be updating the host(A) record with the vendor public IP address.
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This is looks good

I think you are on right track

U need to ensure that once redirection is done, in case if you want to revert that due to problems, ensure you will remove all redirection traces otherwise new problems will get started

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