Citrix Secure Gateway


Last week we attempted to migrate a working Citrix Secure Gateway implementation from XenApp 4.5 to a new 6.5 farm. Cue the chaos. Many problems, I was on vacation during the week. Since the move BACK to 4.5 the gateway is non-functional. Originally there was a problem with the Server cert being revoked. That has been resolved. However, when selecting the published desktop (any of the available ones) after login, we are getting the following message:

"an error occurred while making the requested connection"

Server has been rebooted multiple times. I found the following KB:

Followed the recommended steps in Resolution #1 without success. Resolution #2 does not apply as we're on the 4.5 farm again.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any help.

Freda Driscoll-SbarDirector of System OperationsAsked:
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Dirk KotteSECommented:
are there messages from Wi or CSG within the event-logs?
are you able ta access the xml-services/STA ...?
are you able to telnet to ps-servers port 1494/2598 ?
do you using NAT? are there changes at the firewall made while the migration?
is WI/CSG/PS-Servers placed within different subnets (or LAN / DMZ)?
Freda Driscoll-SbarDirector of System OperationsAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay in responding; I had to roll-back to our old CSG on PS 4.5 farm. I bought a new SSL cert so I can do this in tandem. Will update this question within 24 hours.
Dirk KotteSECommented:
hi, some news?
do you need some additional help?
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Freda Driscoll-SbarDirector of System OperationsAuthor Commented:

I am still experiencing issues with this.

Old PS 4.5 Secure Gateway is still in place and working, we are trying to migrate to a new server running XenApp 6.5 with WI and CSG 3.3.1


The WI was working internally w/o SSL, but when I go and add HTTPS on 444 and select the SSL cert then try to launch a published app, I would get a generic error: '"an error occurred while making the requested connection' .

I went ahead and tried a repair IIS site from WI console and then removed the site. Now when I set the IIS to 444 for SSL and, the WI site URL automatically updates the WI URL from http://servername/citrix/xenapp to https://servername:444/citrix/xenapp .

(My PNAgent site is working fine for internal XenApp & Receiver clients)

Now when I browse to the portal internally I get page cannot be displayed....?

Please help.
Freda Driscoll-SbarDirector of System OperationsAuthor Commented:
Any Citrix XenApp Gurus out there to help us?

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Freda Driscoll-SbarDirector of System OperationsAuthor Commented:
We uninstalled the WI site and related IIS site, then re-installed and configured it as gateway direct. All tested good.
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