backup solution for servers


Could you share info about dell backup solutions ? What are you using.
Dell PowerVault RD1000 (HDD solution) vs tape LTO-5. Tape staff much more expensive but better in my opinion.
I have maybe 800GB of data and growing.
thanks for info

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henryk123Author Commented:
Could you also take a look and comment if attached configuration will be good enough for DC and file server.
We are small company with 40 users and not keeping a lot of data.
I will setup RAID 1 on two 146GB  drives (OS) and RAID 5 on four 300 GB drives (Data)
thank you

Thomas RushCommented:
For the server configuration:
1) How close is 32GB to the maximum amount of RAM you think you may need in the system a few years down the road?  Are slots available to add additional RAM if needed?  If no additional slots are available, it might be better to use 8GB DIMMs to allow you to expand memory later without having to ditch the current RAM.
2) A RAID 5 set of four 300GB disks gives you under 900GB of usable storage.  How soon will you fill that up?  If relatively soon, you'll do better to buy the additional disk now to give you some breathing room and avoid having to rebuild your RAID set too soon.   Likewise, how many disk slots are available?  How soon do you plan to fill up those slots?  You have to ask if it would be better to start off with three (or four) 600GB disks, just to avoid having to go through the hassle of adding disks (or if you're slot-limited, figuring out how to expand your disk array at all).

As for backup solutions:
3) Disks and disk arrays aren't meant to store archival data, nor backup data for long periods of time.   If you only need data that's a maximum of six months or a year old, you're probably fine -- but a disk sitting on a shelf without power is not built to retain data for any specified amount of time.  Contrast that to tape, which life has proven can reliably restore data written decades ago.

So my suggestion is to go with the tape solution.  You're well below native capacity of a single LTO-5 tape cartridge, so you can easily put a full backup on one tape, probably for a long time to come.  You will need to make sure your tape backups get stored off-site, away from the server itself.  This could be a trusted person taking it home, or could be a service that manages tapes for you.

It's not a bad idea to have a second backup medium, and you might want to investigate some of the automatic cloud backup solutions to give you the ability to recover even if something happens to your tapes.  Just remember that those services are designed for recovery from relatively recent problems; with most of them, if  file is deleted from your server, it will also be deleted from their catalog in 30 - 60 days.

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henryk123Author Commented:
Very helpful comments.

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