How do I configure EIGRP across ATT's routers?

I have moved networks with ATT and they can't give me EIGRP at one of my branches since it's a business in a box. My switches are EIGRP capable but rather than just advertise the routes to the next hop (ATT's router) I'd like to advertise them to my switches at the other locations (behind ATT's switch).

I have way too many VLANS for static routes. Can this be done? Config below advertises all 192.168 routes to next listening router (which WAS ATT).

router eigrp 100
 redistribute static metric 1000000 10 255 1 1500 route-map STATIC->EIGRP
 eigrp stub connected static summary
dnagmourIT DirectorAsked:
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Ken BooneNetwork ConsultantCommented:
Since you can't run Eigrp between your equipment and ATTs equipment at one location you will need to do this:

1) At that location, just use a static default to ATTs router.

2)  Ask ATT to advertise that route for you to all of your other branches.
dnagmourIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
That's the problem with ATTs equipment at this location - they cant advertise them. My other locations are fine since they have Cisco routers.
Ken BooneNetwork ConsultantCommented:
I am assuming that this is some type of mpls connection.  I am assuming that ATT is running BGP between their edge router and their backbone at everywhere but this one location.  If that is the case, then at this one location, ATT will need to redistribute the route from their edge equipment back into the cloud so it can then be advertised to your other networks.  I understand that since you can't run EIGRP that YOU cannot advertise the route to their equipment, but they should be able to take care of this in their edge equipment.

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