wp get_user_meta - get an array or row?

I'm trying to make my wordpress script as efficient as possible.

Right now, I'm doing this:

$author_id is set.


$author=get_the_author_meta( 'user_login',$author_id);

$author_name=get_the_author_meta( 'first_name',$author_id);

$authLevel = get_the_author_meta( 'user_level',$author_id);


Is there a way to use an array in that so I can do it with one call to mysql?

Or.. would it be more efficient to call the whole row (get_user_meta($author_id)) rather than ask for three particular things, and then pull them out of that?

Or is the way I am already doing it the most efficient?

Likewise, is there a way to change this so it's one mysql access?


$overall = $wpdb->get_var("SELECT overall FROM adshare WHERE author = '$author'"); //get number
$wpdb->query("UPDATE adshare SET overall = overall+1 WHERE author = '$author'"); //add one to number in db


I would need $overall to give me the pre-update number though...


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Scott MadeiraCommented:
If the get_user_meta() function returns all the info you need, it would be more efficient as one database call uses less resources than three separate calls.  The only time that may not be true is if your single query had a lot of table joins in the query as joins are fairly expensive operations.

I assume that you need the value of $overall somewhere else in your code and that is why you are making the two queries.  The second query is independent of the first one.  If you don't need the pre-value of $overall then you don't need to make the first query.  If you want the value of $overall then you need to do the two queries.

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St_Aug_Beach_BumAuthor Commented:
Got it, thank you very much!

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