How to make rollover sound using CSS Jquery on a div when rolled in, stop when rolled out but make sound again immediately when rolled over again?

Hello Experts,

Gary was kind enough to help me get a start to add a rollover sound to a div when it is rolled over but the thing is I would like it so that when ever the mouse rollovers the div it will immediately make that  button rollover sound.
Gary gave me a clue using "loop" but the sound keep dinging over and over again if the mouse stayed over the div. Is there a way to make it just make the sound once and not again until another rollover?
Using "pause" made the rollover effect seem inoperable but "loop" was too much.

Thanks in advance.

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RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
The markup looks ok, you don't have the "loop" attribute set so it shouldn't loop.  Do you have a jsfiddle/jsbin for testing?
colonelblueAuthor Commented:
Hello no I don't have JSFiddle.
The loop was later graciously given to me add by Gary butter button keeps playing over and over again if mouse is on the div as opposed to just once which is the desired effect. But always responsive wen rolled over and not delayed.
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
I would try a different event, so instead of



.mouseenter(function() { ... play() ... })
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If it's just a beep then remove the loop and for the jquery just use

$("#hoverme").hover(function () {

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colonelblueAuthor Commented:
Thanks again.
So gar awesome. plays once on rollover.
But it plays again on rollout.  
Is there a way to not have a sound on rollout and only on rollover.

Thank you again!
It shouldn't.
Are you sure you are not firing another hover event, maybe your targetting is a bit off.
colonelblueAuthor Commented:
Gary = Awesome
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