Best way to mirror server to an external drive

Shiv Saha
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Looking for expert's opinion on this. Mirror drive failed in one of my servers ( windows 2003).  This server is acting as DMC/DNS/AD and has Exchange server. Working on to replace the drive. In the meantime, wanted to check if there is any reliable mirroring solution using external drive(s)( USB/NAS etc). Do you also recommend any 3rd party mirroring software?

Thanks for your advice in advance.
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It depends on what you would like to do. Do you want to have a complete state of the server (an image)? Or do you want to have a backup of the data of the server.
I would suggest using Acronis to make an image of the server if you need it. Normally the disk would be quite quick if the server has a support contract. Question is if the image of the server isn't slower than the drive actually arriving.
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If your server has an eSATA port, just connect an external dock or case to that eSATA port and drop a disk in that is large enough, then use your OS's software RAID in diskmanagement to create the array. Just make sure you don't disconnect the disk while the server is running, or that will break the array...

Something like the below product:

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