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Hello twitter webpage update in twitter account

Hi Experts,

I have got  a project for the following requirement, could you please advise.

1. Need to create a ‘hello twitter’ web page that runs on a local server.
2. Need to create a ‘hello twitter’ web form that has a text box, and a ‘Done’ button. When ‘Done’ is clicked the next page says ‘Hello twitter’ and below that includes the text that was previously typed into the text box.
3.Need to create a ‘hello twitter’ twitter application that has a text box and a ‘Done’ button. When ‘Done’ is clicked the text typed into the text box is posted to a Twitter account.
4. Need to create a ‘hello twitter’ twitter application that has a text box and a ‘Done’ button and logs all input to a database. but also quietly adds info to a database including the text of the tweet, the twitter id of the twitter account, and the date and time when the tweet was made.
5. Need to add https capability to the solution to step 4.

I have already installed Visual studio express 2013, and installed IIS in my windows 7 workstation, and trying to create the site. Appreciate your advise.
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You made me smile. I can help you to get start.

Copy the below code and paste it in Notepad and the save it as Index.html and put it in your IIS's root folder. Then go to browser and type , hit enter.  You will see "Hello Twitter" page.



"Hello Twitter"



Well, then you can edit this page with some Web editor programs like Microsoft Front page or Dreamweaver and add buttons and pictures easily; I mean, in case if you are not good at HTML coding.

Hope this helps .. :) ..  Don't skip your classes next time. lol.

ipsec600Author Commented:
Hi Manu, thanks for replying & apology that I was off for few days!! could u please advise next.
ipsec600Author Commented:
Hi Manu, all the items have been fixed and i used LINQ to Twiiter to complete those task.
ipsec600Author Commented:
I have worked on the remaining task.

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