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We are loading Double Take as a backup soloution. I need to know if I should load it on the server that will run the SQL DB that we will need to backup or if we can load it on a server that is a stand alone and just copy the drives of the source server and push to the backup? I am thinking if we load it on the SQL server itself it could slow things down on both sides.

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It's been a while since we used DT, but we ended up being very disappointed with it. Most of out world is virtual, but at that time we still had a number of physical servers running. We bought a bunch of DT licenses and installed the agent on physical as well as virtual servers. We also had an array dedicated to holding the backed up servers.  It's not that DT didn't work, but we ran into all sorts of issues, mostly an inconsistency with it running all the time and, more importantly, it really bogged down our really busy systems. During the year we used it I got to know very well most of their tech support staff - which wasn't a good thing, although they did know their stuff. We made several tweaks which helped, but the thing I came away with at the end of it all was we had a pretty simple set up and if this tweak was that important, why wasn't it a part of the basic install?  Anyway, we abandoned it after a year and moved to VEEAM for our virtual world and went back to tape for the few physical boxes we had.  I know this real doesn't answer the question, but I just wanted to toss this out there to perhaps keep you from going through the same pains as we did.  And it's been a couple of years since we used the product so they could have made significant improvements in it.
Sajid Shaik MSr. System AdminCommented:
Double take is the best to manage easily simply...

it could be an excellent DR solution ... most of the companies trusts this product...

in case of double take availability..

Double take will replicates the complete server to another server on local site or on remote site... it replicates real time  bits and bytes

Physical server to physical server

Physical to Virtual

Virtual to Virtual

Virtual to Physical... it can do all types of replications..

the best part of it is if live server is replicating on the network ... in case of live server failure the replica server which can become a production server with in a minutes...

and if you have Physical to Virtual replication... even from Virtual to physical you can restore complete server ..

once it's completes the full server replication it's replicates only bits and bytes what are changing at that time...

it's an amazing product... it can be a backup, it can be a Disaster Recovery...  

for more information you can visit..

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Sajid Shaik MSr. System AdminCommented:
You can directly install on database server... It's use shadow copy.. So it'll not effect on serve speed.
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