Creating a JSON array on the server

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How do I create a JSON array on the server that can later be consumed on the client via JavaScript?
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The obvious way is to concatenate a string like "{" + mykey + ":" + myval + "}"
and to send this result string to the client.

Each language has its own implementation to parse and stringify from and to JSON. If you specify server language, you might be directed to concrete implementation.

Ivo Stoykov
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Just create a regular array, and then use one of the JSON serializers (e.g. JSON.NET) to convert the array into JSON.


Imports Newtonsoft


Dim theArray() As String
Dim jsonString As String = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(theArray)

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Chances are you don't need JSON.NET, it occurred to me often that the .net built-in serializer was more than enough.
have a look here:

Some years ago I wrote this article regarding deserialization but the main concept is the same:

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