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Hi Experts,

I have a simple Drupal 7 site. There is not much content or modules installed on the site. In fact, the site is fairly new. All of a sudden, every page is loading ridiculously slow. It was fine last week. The site and MySQL database reside on a server within my company's intranet. It is only being accessed internally. I have several sites and MySQL databases on the same server and they are running just fine. Again, this is all of a sudden. It's really weird.

Anything I could try to resolve this?
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Have you installed any new modules as of late? One of them may be the issue (this is common with WordPress as well). I'd begin by disabling all modules and seeing if performance improves. Then I'd begin re-enabling them one by one to find the culprit.

Also, insure that Drupal is fully up to date and all modules are as well.


Awesome. I disabled a calendar module widget being displayed on all pages and it is back to normal. Thanks again.

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