How do I remove existing short filenames from Windows 2008 Server (not R2)

I'm wondering if anyone can help me figure out how to remove existing 8.3 filenames from Windows 2008 Server.   I disabled 8.3 file naming in the registry but that is for any new files.  For any existing files I need to remove those 8.3 filenames.  

Windows 2008 R2 the fsutil has a command to remove them (fsutil 8dot3name strip /s /v K:\) but regular Windows 2008 Server (not R2) doesn't have that command.   I also read that I can copy a directory to a new directory and it will not have the short filenames.  The problem is that there are a lot of links, shares and applications that will break if I copy the directories to new directories.
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First thought: why are you trying to do this?
Second thought: Copy the files to a new location and then copy them back to overwrite the originals.
Third thought: Shutdown the server and attach the disk to Windows 2008 R2 and then run fsutil on it.
Last thought: try to copy fsutil from later version of Windows and then run it. (Be SURE you have good backups!)
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
I was going to suggest logging in as an admin from a Windows 7 PC and doing it from there; but, after reading a bit, have hit a huge red flag!
If you strip the 8.3 names and any of your programs or clients reference an 8.3 filename, you're in serious kimchi.  Run regedit and search for ~ in the data field only.  If you find things like C:\PROGRA~1\ on the server or <shareddrive>:\MYDOCU~1\ on any client, you had better leave those 8.3 names alone.
ibidataAuthor Commented:
I'm doing this because there is an IIS tilde enumeration issue.  I agree with both of you and have some serious concerns with the fixes you present as well.  They made it so easy to fix in 2008 R2 so you would think there is an easy work around in 2008,  I'm thinking the command in 2008 R2 (fsutil 8dot3name strip /s /v K:\) strips those short filenames from the registry so if I can find out where or what that command is doing then I can just manually do it.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
So grant full access to the IIS folder to somebody and run fsutil from a PC running 7 or R2; but, only strip the IIS folders.
And, no, fsutil doesn't touch any registry entries.
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