Hyper-V: Are Hosts Joined to the Domain?

Are Hyper-V hosts typically joined to the domain or just it's VM's?

Are VM's typcially DCs?  (I have 2 hosts which will run 6 VMs and one additional Physical Server to hold FSMO Roles)

What do you call the server that Holds the FSMO roles?
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Depends on what you would like to do with them and how you install them. If you install Hyper-v on a Windows Core server for servers that host your domain then no, it will normally not be added to the domain. If you have the Hyper-v service installed on a server that has other roles in a domain then, yes. But it is not needed to function properly. VM's do need to be added to the domain offcourse if you would like to use them.

No, VM's are typically not DC's. At this point almost all servers can be VM's. A few years back it wasn't seen as best practice to use VM's for heavy intensive server processes (think of Exchange or SQL) but nowadays, everything can be virtualized.

FSMO roles are held by a specific DC. This used to be the PDC (instead of the BDC) but this is also long gone. You don;t have a specific name for a server that holds the FSMO roles these days other than a Domain Controller.

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Sajid Shaik MSr. System AdminCommented:
FSMO roles server is Domain Controller.

about the Hyper-V hosts it's depends ... all will acts as separate machines .. if you want them join to domain join... either you can keep them seperate network or seperate domain it's up to u...

best practice is Domain controller should be on physical machine..

all the best
Aldo Di CaterinoCommented:
Hi howmad2, Hyper-V hosts and VM´s can be joined to the domain without any problem, DC´s can be installed in VM´s or Physical servers also. About the FSMO roles and Global Catalog,  here´s a link based on the best practices:
http://www.sole.dk/how-to-place-fsmo-and-global-catalog-roles-in-active-directory/  Hope this helps you
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