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Hi Guys,

I am making a little network tool. I am looping through the network adapters. I would like to do a like comparison

So if I get an adapter that is named (local area connection) I want to know it even if it is called "local area connection 1" or local area connection 2 etc.

so something like

if adapter.Name like '%local area connection%' then.

I know that is SQL and it cant be done the same way. but how do I do that?
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IT Manager
Vbscript Instr Function.


intFound = InStr(adapter.Name, "local area connection")
If intFound <> 0 Then

OM Gang


Thanks works great. Just have to take into account upper and lowercase
omgangIT Manager

See the MSDN article.  The InStr function defaults to binary comparison but you can for text comparison so upper/lower case will match.

intFound = InStr(1, adapter.Name, "local area connection", 1)

OM Gang

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