VB Script doing a like comparison

Hi Guys,

I am making a little network tool. I am looping through the network adapters. I would like to do a like comparison

So if I get an adapter that is named (local area connection) I want to know it even if it is called "local area connection 1" or local area connection 2 etc.

so something like

if adapter.Name like '%local area connection%' then.

I know that is SQL and it cant be done the same way. but how do I do that?
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omgangIT ManagerCommented:
Vbscript Instr Function.


intFound = InStr(adapter.Name, "local area connection")
If intFound <> 0 Then

OM Gang
tim_carterAuthor Commented:
Thanks works great. Just have to take into account upper and lowercase
omgangIT ManagerCommented:
See the MSDN article.  The InStr function defaults to binary comparison but you can for text comparison so upper/lower case will match.

intFound = InStr(1, adapter.Name, "local area connection", 1)

OM Gang
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