ADFS - New Farm and use existing WID?

I am building two new ADFS servers.  I have two existing ADFS servers in separate data center in another state.  The two new servers are being built and located in a data center about 800 miles away from the existing ADS servers.  The new servers are to provide geo-redundancy.  

My question is if I create a new Farm for the new ADFS servers, can I use the same WID?  

Should I join the new ADFS Servers to the existing farm? (concerned about WID replication over the WAN).

Thanks much!!
Kati DoughertyCollaboration ArchitectAsked:
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I don't think you can use WID from one ADFS farm to build another farm
To do what you are trying to do, you can have adfs farm with wid where 1 server is primary server and you can join multiple servers to this farm as secondary servers
All can participate in authentication actively

Also WID replication is one time, I believe after setting up initial farm with WID, you do'n t have much changes so if there are minimum \ no chnages in adfs configuration, there will not be a replication.
If you make any configuration changes, then only it will get replicated across all adfs servers

Also if primary server goes down you can make another server primary and instruct another secondary servers about change in primary server
Kati DoughertyCollaboration ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much Mahesh.   We have an ADFS and an ADFS Proxy server in a data center on the east coast.  I am adding an ADFS and an ADFS Proxy server in a different data center in the southwest.  

If I create a new ADFS Farm to put my new ADFS servers in (in southwest datacenter), can I use the same WID - from the ADFS Farm on the east coast?

I'm not concerned about WAN replication since it is only deltas.
According to my knowledge, You cannot create new farm with existing WID
U need to join servers to existing farm if you want to use same WID
U can create new ADFS farm with new WID

According to my knowledge, do not create different adfs farm, this will create consfusion and you might need extra configuration for clients and applications

Either put ADFS secondaries at different geographies or put highly available farm at single location and make it accessible from every where
U may use SQL as database so that all adfs nodes are primary

Check below article

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