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I've got backupedge running in SCO 6.0. I've created a script that calls a perl script SendEmail, to create a basic notification email for the backups. In backupedge, I've got a notifier setup to call the script. Recipients and mail servers are hard coded in the script, so it just works. Dead simple. What I can't figure out, is how to get the backup summary from backupedge into the email. Built into backupedge is an email notifier for the root user. It sends a message in plain text to the root mailbox with the following command "|/bin/mail -s %S %n" which results in a message with the backup status as the subject and the summary report as the body of the message. So i set my script up to accept two command line parameters, one for subject, and one for the body. I'm assuming the "%S" variable is the subject line, and in practice, it is. The notification email gets sent and the subject line matches the same subject line in the message that gets sent to root, however the body is empty. I know the script works, as I can pass %S %S in the notifier and I get the subject in both places. If I pass %n %n however, I get nothing, for subject or body. So what variable is passing the summary report? I've searched high and low and I can't find anything at all about this in any sco documentation or backupedge info. I'm hoping someone has done this before and knows what the trick is.
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I'd think edge is piping the summary data to the mail since it starts with a pipe.

I think edge puts the summary data into a log file in /usr/ somewhere. You could craft the mail and pipe the log file for the body, or configure backupedge to send to multiple recipients.
Or you could use the built in tools to do this; Page 187 here:

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sdholden28Author Commented:
ugh... I missed the pipe! Not sure how I missed it, but thanks for pointing it out. Worked straight away. Thanks!!
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