Delete secondary smtp address

Hello All,

I need some help to delete a secondary smtp address from users in a specific Exchange database. An email policy was incorrectly applied to this database, which added the secondary address by mistake.

I don't really have any skills with Powershell, so any help would be appreciated.
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If your secondary email address is in format of <mailbox alias> the you can try the following code..
$Mailboxes = Get-Mailbox -Database DB01 -result unlimited
Foreach ($Mailbox in $Mailboxes) {
$Smtp = "$($Mailbox.alias)"
Set-Mailbox $Mailbox.alias -EmailAddresses @{remove=$Smtp}

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An alternate method can be found from following article..

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AmpletrixAuthor Commented:
Thank you Subsun.

That worked great. Fantastic.
I've noticed something else though.
We have two custom attributes for two segregated databases and organizations.
Some of the new mailboxes don't have the custom attributes applied to them, and this may be part of the issues I'm getting.
Would it be possible to apply the attributes to any newly created mailboxes?

More details:
We have three segregated departments: (examples) (Custom Attribute1: Fabrikam) (Custom Attribute2: Contoso) (Custom Attribute3: Voorpullers)

I suspect that, when a new mailbox gets created (via a powershell script), it is created in the fabrikam database, because over 80% of time it is for Fabrikam. It is then moved to the other databases if required, but the custom attributes aren't applied automatically.
Is this something that can be done, and if possible, on s regular schedule?

Thanks for the help.
It is possible to update the attributes based on the database.. you need to schedule a script to check this and update it.. Since this is an additional request, please open a new question so we can work on it..
AmpletrixAuthor Commented:
This was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.
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