Outlook on XenApp keps prompting for password

I have an exchange 2013 mailbox hosted on an external commercial ISP server (Fasthosts in the UK).

When I configure Outlook 2013 on a stand alone PC (Windows 8) it works fine.  When I click on the remember my password option logging into Outlook this works OK

I also have access to a Citrix XenApp desktop running on Windows Server 2003 and hosted by another external service provider.  In this environment the user is presented with a desktop view to look like a Windows XP machine.

On the Citrix environment I can configure Outlook 2010 to access the Exchange mailbox.  This works fine except that outlook always prompts the user for a password even if I check the box to remember password.  The "always prompt for user credentials" in the account settings is not checked.

I set up the outlook account with the settings recommended by the ISP.  However when I close outlook and then re-open it some of the settings have changed:

Server name is set up as winhexbeeu1 but gets changed to something like 2fbac47-1223-huty-12ht-123456789asd@domain.com

Exchange proxy setting is set up as 1.exchange2013.livemail.co.uk but gets changed to 1.exchange.1and1.eu

Only connect to proxy servers that have.... is set up unchecked but gets changed to checked with a server name msstd:1.exchange.1and1.eu

Connect using TCP/IP boxes are set up unchecked but get changed to checked

Authentication is set up as Basic but gets changed to NTLM

I have asked both service providers to diagnose the issue, but neither have been able to do so.

My guess would be that it is a Citrix profile issue, but the Citrix support guys keep telling me to contact the Exchange mailbox provider.  I have done this and they have been very helpful but I have made all the settings changes they recommend and I still get the issue.

Can anybody advise should I chase the Citrix team or the Exchange team and suggest some areas which they should investigate

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Just one thing. Citrix is nothing more and nothjing less than en extender of basic Terminal Server options. So IMHOP i don't think citrix is the issue..
I also don't think the ISP is the problem because settings are being changed automatically without you doing something (so just closing outlook and reopening it does this? Not logging of and of?).
My guess would be that there is an issue with outlook on your Citrix server, What happens if you recreate the entire Windows roaming profile? What happens if you recreate the Outlook profile itself??

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isenseAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions.  I've asked the XenApp support people to looks at the roaming profiles, but not had a reply from them yet
You are able to remove the roaming profile yourself also, this could speed up your own process to get the issue fixed.
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isenseAuthor Commented:
We have very strict change control rules on the environment, so I need to get them to do it
Aha, i understand. Good luck and hopefully it will provide a solution :)
isenseAuthor Commented:
We have exhausted all avenues and failed to resolve the issue.  I think it is almost certainly related to the Citrix environment set-up.  Since we will be updating the architecture in the near future we will just live with the problem until then.

Thanks for your suggestions anyway - they gave us avenues to explore but unfortunately did not resolve the isssue
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