2 Public IP's, Only 1 cable

Our ISP, Earthlink :(, came in and installed some additional bonded T1's.  The boxes they installed are a Adtran Total Access 908e, and 908.  I only see 5 listed T1 ports with cables so that may be another issue all together.  However, they only gave us one cable running off the 908e for 2 Public IP's we're paying for.  The second IP was being used for a VPN connection that is pretty much no utilized now.  So it just sits unused.

We used to have 2 cables coming off our old modem/gateway that we used for X1,X2 ports on our Sonicwall.  So my boss plugged up a consumer grade zyxel 8 port Gb switch in front with 2 short patch cables plugging into the Sonicwall ports.  

This works but obviously isn't the best way to do this.  I would think that switch is probably a bottleneck to some degree.  Long story short what should be my approach?  Ask the ISP to run another cable somehow, or is there a better way to utilize both IP's w/ 1 cable?  Maybe a load balancing scenario.  Thanks.

Setup is basically...

Adtran 908e and 908------Zyxel Switch-----> X1(default LB) Sonicwall NSA 2400---LAN Switch
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Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
If the two ips are in a cidr range, then the sonicwall can use them with one cable. If they are two seperate ranges like I suspect, than the switch with two cables to the sonicwall is the right way to do it.
The Sonicwall can handle both IPs over one cable, you just need the proper NAT rules. But if you prefer to use a switch on your SIP connection, get a Layer 3. Costs more, but you will be able to handle more scenarios, like if you need to be able to force the Sonicwall interface to full duplex without negotiation.

Load balancing means nothing since you only have one connection.

What is your goal?
Vontech615Author Commented:
Both great answers. Thanks!  So our bonded T1 connection is pretty sucky to say the least. With no load at all we're maybe geteting 5.5Mbps / 5.5Mbps.  With everyone in the office on it that number goes as low as 3. So, would a consumer switch even be a bottle neck with such low bandwidth?
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
No need for a layer 3 switch, but a little netgear smart switch you can actually log into is pretty cheap and much more reliable than a black box xyxel you can't see any stats on. A gs108t is less than $80

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