bash if condition, then continue

Need a quick bash solution to the following problem...

A bash script is starting before the system has it's dhcp address and therefore it is failing.
It is further failing because it is taking a while for the system to get it's updated time from it's default of 1970.

I need to run a one time test at the very start of my script which will check to see what year it is.
If the year is not 20xx then it implies that full network connectivity has not been achieved yet so repeat the test.
Once the system year is 20xx, it means that the network has started and that the system has internet access so time to end this function and continue the script.

-script starts up
-checks to see what year it is on the system
-if the year is 1070, then loop and try trying again one second later
-Once the year is 20xx, this function dies for good and the script continues on to it's main functions
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while :
      if [[ $(date "+%Y") -ge 2000 ]]
           sleep 1
# Script continues here if year >= 2000
projectsAuthor Commented:
So, just put that at the very top of my script, even before all of my variables, just underneath

That's what I did and this seems to work perfectly.

I am assuming this covers all 20xx

Yes, you can put it just below the "shebang" line, it doesn't require any preliminary setup.
And yes, it covers all 20xx, but also all 21xx, 22xx, ..., 30xx, 31xx, 32xx, ... and so on. If this is not desired, please let me know,

I wrote the first solution a bit "for demonstration purposes".
Of course we can make it shorter:

while [[ $(date "+%Y") -lt 2000 ]] ;
   sleep 1

Behind the scenes this contains the same logic, but I think it looks a bit more "elegant".

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projectsAuthor Commented:
So long as you tested the second one and it does the same thing, perfect! :)

Thanks very much.
Yes, it's tested - well , not with the actual system date (a thing I don't like to mess around with), but with a freehand variable.
projectsAuthor Commented:
Works like a charm, thanks very much.
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