Assigning different public IP addresses to domains in routing table/accepted domains - Microsoft Exchange 2010


I have a single domain with a redundant Exchange 2010 setup.  In my Hub Transport Accepted Domains list, I have 30 different domains.  Email from all of these domains will come from the same public IP address.  Is there a way to assign different IP addresses to specific domains in this list?

If yes, I do have a pool of public IP addresses at my disposal.  

The reason I ask, is that under the current setup, if one domain should get blacklisted, they all do.

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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Domains don't get blacklisted. It is the IP address that gets blacklisted.
Exchange doesn't do sender based routing, so what you want to do isn't possible by default. You can get third party transport agents that can route by sender, but they will not be able to control the IP address that the message is going out from, as that is a Windows thing. The usual method would be additional mail servers, so Exchange uses them as a smart host. You can then route by sender to the correct smart host, which then sends the email to the internet.

Although personally I wouldn't bother - blacklisting is not that common and if your server is configured correctly then you can pretty much stop it from happening.


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lor1974Author Commented:
"Domains don't get blacklisted. It is the IP address that gets blacklisted."  This is the reason for my question.  I manage many domains that all come from the same IP.

Being a non-profit, it is the nature of our business to "spam".  Sure we do our best to conform to proper sending rules, but sometimes stuff happens which could ruin our sender reputation.  We also have to deal with the new Canada anti-spam law.

The question was more of a "can this be easily done?" vs. something that I want or need to do as of today.

Thanks for the reply.
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