The default Printer is changed after logging off

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Hi All,

We have HP Thin client connecting to Windows server 2008  through RDP sessions. The default printers  is changed to Adobe Printer after the users log off. I tried removing the Adobe Printer, then it defaults to Onenote.

THe users are mapping the printers fron another Winidows 2008 printer Server. Tried changing the default printer, removing and adding the printer as default, but to success.

Any ideas on why its doin this? and how to fix it?

Thanks and Regards
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Are the users profiles being deployed via AD (RDS Profile)? have you tried resetting that profile to see if that resolves the issue?

Are multiple users effected by this? Are you deploying the default printer via a GPO??


Yes , there are multiple users effected, we are not deploying the default printer via GPO.

What is the easiest way to reset user p[rofile?
Go to where the profile is and name to usernameold, also ensure the user's are logged out. Does the default printer stay retained for anyone else?
Also is there anything on the Thin Clients themselves which could be causing this? I found when supporting one of our customers that their default printer was being overwritten by the one actually set on the Thin client. So when you go into a ICA/RDP session the default printer set within the user session would default to the one on the thin client itself rather than the one the user has set when last logged into their session.


The issue was solved by re-creating the user proifile

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