We currently use generic accounts that have limited access to our network, and from there we use individual usersid's to login into our applications.  

I have created new generic userid's that only IT has the password and these computers auto login to the network. But now our CIO wants to get rid of all generic accounts, except those running background services.    

I am not sure we could use individual accounts because we have over 1000+ users and 150 computers, so the initial login would take forever to initialize, and since we are an healthcare facility we cant switch users because some apps are tied to ports which don't get released when we swap users.  We use generic userid's because user profile loads very quickly.   Unless theres a way to load a generic profile for every user who logs into the computer which will speed up the process.

Anybody have a solution to this?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
DO NOT USE Roaming Profiles.  Initial logon/profile creation is usually pretty quick on most systems provided it's not copying the profile from the network.  Further, redirect key folders such as My Documents and Desktop to network servers.  Redirected folders do not copy over the network, they are simply mapped there.

Have you timed the profile creation?  What's the difference in timings it shouldn't be more than 1 minute in opinion.
epicazoAuthor Commented:

I am not sure this will work because its taking 30 to 45 seconds to create the profile and being that a lot of these users are in emergency dept, I could almost hear them its taking too long.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Then you need to look into other solutions because 30-45 seconds is about as fast as I think you're going to get in most cases.  Of course, it will also depend on hardware - are the systems using SSDs?  If not, you could upgrade them to improve the performance.  Another solution that depends upon what is being used on these systems would be to use an RDS session and make the workstations little more than "dumb" terminals.  That may not work in all spots, but might for some.

You could also look into pre-staging the profiles - new user comes in, you run a script that pre-populates the designated PCs with the profile for a specified user.  I should caution I've never done this, but it might be an option worth exploring - there's an article on EE about it - see

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Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
You could use local accounts on the computers themselves and autologin them in.  They will be restricted on the network, but you could work around that by adding direct ip printers.  I guess when you say "network access", you would need to define that a bit more.  We use "kiosk" type machines ehere and they just use local accounts and the apps themselves just use straight tcp/ip connections.
epicazoAuthor Commented:
thank you. and sorry for delay
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