Can't Access Share on Mac from Windows 8 Machine

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I have a Windows 8 Pro machine (not updated to 8.1) that I need to access a share on a Mac running OSX 10.7.  I have other shares on the Mac that this Windows machine can view and edit.  The Windows user has an account on the OSX machine.  The only difference in this share and another is the share in question is USB.  Not sure if this matters.  

When I try to access the share in question I receive some errors about not having permissions.  If I create a drive mapping using different credentials the same problem occurs.  At some point I received errors stating the share was already created.  When I did a net use from command line I see some of the shares were mapped but when checking my computer no drive mappings were available.

Windows 8 machines are in a homegroup named WORKGROUP same as the Mac's.  There are a total of two Windows 8 machines.  Both are having the same issue.  They can access some files on the Mac share but those shared from the USB drive aren't accessible.  They can be seen but can't be connected to.  Thanks in advance.
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In System Preferences > Sharing > File Sharing > Options…
Have you checked the relevant Windows file sharing box?



^^^  Yes.
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The sharing of attached USB drives on OSX can be a little tricky as there MAY be permission errors depending on the format of the USB device.

In OSX .. highlight the USB device and do a Get Info (Command + I) or right click and select 'Get Info'

Now look in the window that appears .. at the very end you should see a checkbox to "Ignore Ownership on this Volume" which MUST be checked.

You might want to eject the USB Drive and re-attach it and reopen the Get Info window to see if the "Ignore Ownership on this Volume" remains checked.

Also in the System Preferences, Sharing Pane under File Sharing .. check that the USB drive is listed in there and that all users have Read & Write access


Yes Mark.

eoinosullivan, will try and repost.


We decided to load the Mac with OS X Server.  After doing so this issue was resolved.  Thanks for your efforts.

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