sonicwall vpn connection.... can't connect unless using a static ip

ok here is the enviroment

sonicwall tz-170 with enhanced os

Windows 2008r2 server with DCHP server giving out leases

I setup the sonicwall globalVPN i believe correctly... I cannot seem to connect.... IT passes the first 2 sets and logs in
It then gets stuck at getting an IP address....

I've tried over hotspot and get the same response... so i dont think its internal

The error is "failed to renew the IP address for the virtual interface"

However if i go to the sonicwall vpn connection in the Network connections and assign it a IP address and subnet it works fine.... If i put the gateway of the firewall in it doesnt work

I'm completely stumped...any help will be greatly appreciated


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Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
It's easier to let the sonicwall assign ip addresses. I suggest you get things working like that first.

Then If you want to push for windows doing dhcp for the VPN connection here is a guide
punkrawkdude99Author Commented:
I forgot to mention that there is a SSL vpn connection from one office to another.... will any of this effect it??

Couldnt i just use the non existent wlan interface and pass out dhcp on there instead?
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Are you trying to get vpn dhcp through the ssl VPN? If so, you probably need to add a firewall rule to allow that
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punkrawkdude99Author Commented:
there is a tz150 in another building and it is on a completely separate network.....

there is a ssl vpn connection from to

i dont want to screw anything up by changing about the dhcp over vpn settings... i only want whatever i try to effect the vpn connections
punkrawkdude99Author Commented:
Ok i went in and added another interface for the WLAN i set it up on

i created a dhcp scope for it and told the dhcp over vpn to relay to that....

it works fine with windows... i can get on and connect to the file server without an issue

Now the mac is another issue... i have an ipad and the sonicwall mobile client... i just cant get it to connect....

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Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
I had problems with the mobile connect app. It was messing up the domain name for the routes with a ";" so I just use l2tp personally. It works for windows, osx, and iOS. Android oddly enough likes the app.
punkrawkdude99Author Commented:
is the L2 setup a pain??? do i need a radius server? This sonicwall is a POS and logs me out every 30 yeah... i already have a low tolerance for it

my issue with the app is it wont connect.. it is supposed to populate the domain field... or something like that and it does nothing...and i dont know what to enter there....
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
I use a windows 2012 domain and enabled nps (radius) on that. In sonicwall users settings, connect via ldap and radius. It needs ldap for groups and radius for user/passwords. Make a VPN group in ad, in the sonicwall add the VPN group to the VPN users local group.
punkrawkdude99Author Commented:
I was able to figure out a solution on my own however aaron was very helpful as well
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