Living Weather Desktop theme won't go away. Always starts up.

Hi Experts!

Whoo! Lookit this new interface! Hope I can work it…..I don't do well with new technologies!
ANYWAY, first things first. I have installed a living desktop called Living Weather HD, which I purchased from the Apple Store, but here is the vendor's page anyway: Living Weather Desktop HD. The darn thing won't let go of my system. It always starts up. Even though it does not appear in ANY view of my startup lists (Sys Prefs/Owner/User/login items, nor in 3rd party startup lists (i.e.. Mac Pilot, Tinker Toy System, etc.). I have to always manually terminate it using option/command/esc key combo.

My OS hasn't got any reference to startup Living Weather! It's driving me nutty. HOW can I stop this app from always starting up?

PS: Do you experts actually WANT all of my system info provided above, or is info overload? I always think I'm doing you a favour, but if not, please just plainly tell me. I'm easy!
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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
Living weather is a screensaver I think so the thing is managed in the System Preferences under screensavers ... you should simply select a different screensaver.

The Screensavers are located in the Library folder either at system level or in your users home folder
/Library/Screen Savers
~/Library/Screen Savers

If you locate the file ... simply move it out and restart the Mac .. should not load on startup anymore.
jbm4Author Commented:
Hi eoinsullivan

NOpe! Living Weather HD Is not a screensaver. It does not function like a screensaver.  ie. I can use my desktop on top of it - all icons and aliases show above it.Furthermore,  Living Weather does not appear in Screensavers folder.
But I do believe there is a version of it as a screensaver out there. And of course there is the mother of all live desktop/screensaver apps "My Living Desktop" by Amuse Inc. It's gorgeous, but a monster, with a monster memory

Any other ideas out there?

PS: Administrator. Thanks for your guidance on the System Info question. I'll follow your advice from now on.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
OK .. there are a few places where OSX can also launch programs.

Have you looked at the plist files in the LaunchDaemons and LaunchAgents folders in the 2 Library folders on your system?
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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
I often use a great little program called EasyFind ..

You can use it to scan the entire HD (including system and hidden folders) for files ending in .plist ... that contain the word 'Weather' .. should allow you to spot the offending plist file.

Try that if looking through all the Library folders is tiring you out.
After reading these facts and other information online about uninstalling it, this program seems like it's written like a virus.

How about moving the program to the trash to see what breaks and check the console for messages related to the program to isolate which files need to be edited or removed?

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jbm4Author Commented:
Hi Experts

Gee this new EE system really kicks butt! ( I got a "neglected" notify) I wasn't actually "neglecting" - I was just out living Life. You know....where my computer isn't attached to my scrotum like it is at home! Pity on the home computing slave.
Yes, have checked for .plist files and nothing noteworthy there. I too use Easy Find and agree it is the cat's pajamas!
 I'll have a go at the "Toss It Out" suggestion tomorrow, thanks. Don't make me hurry, I'm turning 60 soon. You will too one day, if the Ebola don't getcha first.  Then you'll understand what I mean when I say I plan to slow right down to a complete standstill and take a very long - non-computered - nap!
It is my prediction that within 50 years home computing will have gone South: too expensive; too complicated; and returns negligible benefit. Call me crazy.
I believe the neglected notification just means that the answer(s) you select will get a 200 point bonus.  I'm not sure if it's for everyone or just certain experts.  Although I've never used it, I suspect that Easy Find is probably just a GUI wrapper to the command line unix grep & find tools.  It appears they may have a drug to arrest ebola, but it's still in testing.

Home computing has already gotten much cheaper.  Desktops were $5000 back in the day.  Now, you get laptops for less than $400 and handheld computers with phones in them for $500.  It will only get cheaper.  We have the early 1980s Battlestar Galactica computers and we're working on the Star Trek communicator patches with some borg attachments.
jbm4Author Commented:

Right you were….i ditched Living Weather…….so far no bad after-effects. I just wonder why the Apple Store is promoting and selling such a nasty little bit of work as this thing.
Anyway, thanks. That was a daring answer!

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