Lotus Notes one-way laptop to server replication?

Users have laptops.  They currently edit records while offline, then replicate changes to the server.
Or sometimes they connect to the server directly and make edits out there.
I need to change that behavior (long story...) so that edits can only be made while connected to the server.

Any thoughts?
Francois KoutchoukCTOAsked:
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You are asking for a way to defeat one of Notes' best features. Local replicas allow users to work while offline, and then update the server when they are back online. Local replicas reduce server workloads, reduce network traffic, save connection fees for laptop "aircards", allow fewer servers to support more users, allow users to be productive while "disconnected", and more.

The best that you could do is to customize the application so that it displays a popup (or just closes itself) when opened locally.

Are you trying to eliminate or reduce replication conflicts? If so, you would be better off training your users to replicate before every editing session, and again as soon as possible after every edit session.
Francois KoutchoukCTOAuthor Commented:
Thank you, I was aware of the benefits of replication -- I do want replication, just not both ways.  The suggestion of "training" users is not a sufficiently reliable option in some worldwide organizations.  
To clarify, I do want users to open their database locally, but only as "readers".  Edits must be done while connected to the server.  And that's my issue.   Technical suggestions?
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Each editable form should be modified. There are two event per form that require your attention: QueryOpen and QueryModeChange. The first is called when a user opens a document directly in edit-mode (e.g. by using Ctrl-E in a view) and the latter is activated when the document is open in read-mode and the user intends to edit it.

The general idea, in pseudo-code:

If requested mode is edit-mode Then
     If it is a local db Then
          MessageBox "Sorry, not on server replica"
          Continue= False
     End If
End If

The first test is a little different in each event.

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Francois KoutchoukCTOAuthor Commented:
Yes, I was hoping to avoid coding, but given that ACL or replication is not "location" specific, there is no other way.
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