xampp install vs. cent os 6/4

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I want to run a php server and contemplating running it on a simply windows machine (strong quad core and stuff) but simply on top on a xampp install for windows. (https://www.apachefriends.org/index.html)

Instead of vmware and an install of cent os 6/4

What are the pros and cons of doing this?
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XAMPP install is a Lot less work.  You just download it and install it and you have PHP, Apache, MySQL, and quite a few other programs.  The other way you have to install VMware, then CentOS, and then the Lamp stack and configure it.

On the other hand, XAMPP (and WAMP) are not 'production level' servers and shouldn't be used to host public websites.
Like always its depending what you want. I use xampp for local tests when i am deploying a new feature, after i change to use a Linuxserver with lamp stack. My choise is ubuntu but anyway!

The difference or better to say why its better to use a linux server with lamp is, you can transfer your work easilier to a real webserver. All configfiles are already right. in xamp you have a lot of entries like c:. So if you want to transfer you have to change them all manually.

From Performance point of sight is not a real difference and you should not use that for a productive webserver at all.
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CentOS 4 is EOL
Current releases are 5.10, 6.5 and 7.0

XAMPP never issues security patches
Centos 6 has somewhat old versions of all products of XAMPP. Maybe try CentOS 7?

XAMPP icludes these, install ones you need (EPEL is a great complement for missing)


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