How do I download a video, then save it to a DVD?

I have a feeling this is going to be a tiny bit complicated.
I am a  musician. A guitarist is selling me a lesson that is downloadable. I would like to save hard copy to a DVD.
I have a Lenovo T410.  I need to get a new cd/dvd burner, so now is the time.  
Just wondering if the format of his download matters, along with the type of burner I get.
WOndering if someone could go on ebay and point out the exact burner I should get.  Again, it's a Lenovo t410 win 7
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Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
Any standard brand of DVD RW drive will do a good job. ASUS, LG, Lite-on for instance.

Generally, the need for DVD writers is falling. Many people put all their portable files on USB flash drives which are almost as cheap as RW disks.

Most video files can be converted between formats. Can you find out what format you're going to receive?

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on their specs, they recommend a few burners:
•Ultrabay Slim DVD/CD-RW combo drive
•Ultrabay Slim DVD-RAM/RW drive: 140 g (0.31 lb)
•Ultrabay Slim Blu-ray Disc drive: 155 g (0.32 lb)

but you can also get an external burner

what are you trying to do? play them on your video recorder (TV) or on the laptop ?
RaiderNationDelegateAuthor Commented:
It's just nice to have a hard backup.  I'd like to be able to play it on big screen thru dvd player... that type of thing. Is there a way you can go on ebay and include link to specific burner?
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The burner doesn't matter at all, but the format you burn in depends on what your playback device supports. You'll have to find out the specs of that DVD player you have connected to your TV, and use one of the formats that it supports.

As mentioned above, find out what format the video is in currently. Then, if that format is supported by your playback device, you can just burn it directly to DVD, if it isn't you need to convert it to one of the formats supported.

VLC, one of the best media players around, can also convert the media files to other formats:
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
As noted above, you can use just about any model you want.    Since you prefer Amazon, I'd just buy this one:

There are a few less expensive ones, but this is highly rated on several different sites; and is an excellent unit.

This will let you burn the downloaded video to a DVD ... but to play it on a DVD player, you'll need to use a DVD authoring tool that converts the download into .VOB files.   Otherwise, it will just be a data DVD that contains the file ... and you'll need a PC to play it.

If you let us know the format your downloaded video is in, we can suggest some simple ways to do that conversion.    Chances are the built-in Windows 7 DVD Maker will do it, but if not, we can suggest the appropriate tool(s).
It really depends on the player. Not all require it to use .vob files. Many can also play other formats. But you need to check the specifications of your unit to find out what it supports.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
True -- but the most universal format is the standard Video.TS folder with a Video_TS.IFO index file and .VOB files with the actual content.    That's by far the "safest" format to convert to, if you want to be sure it will play on standard DVD players.
Hi RaiderNationDelegate,
First your question about does it matter what format it is for burning to DVD yes it does, if is in flash burning it to DVD may resize the aspect ration or the video scale of the flash to DVD standard 720x480 4:3., if your flash is only 340x 240 then it will pixelate when enlarged to DVD standard, To further explain it converts all and any video types to mpeg2 compliant Vobs.
the reason that a DVD video is a structure of files built from ifo and bups those are the pointers for the laser to read chapters of a DVD video.
If the video is mp4 it may need a codec to be converted to DVD compliant mpeg2.
You may need to install a codec in order to use windows DVD maker for those
But it should be ok in windows 7.
Windows 7 codec pack

I see your lenova have a DVD now ? Not working? Didnt know? Really ;)
According to the >
It has a Optical drive
Ultrabay enhanced DVD/CD-RW combo drive<< should be on the right side of your laptop press the button and it pop out.?

Go down to  Big W in your local city any major store that sells electrical goods and buy a slimline USB external drive like this
Liteon ETDU108-01 8x External Slimline DVD ROM (White)
Read the reviews
Choose from any in the list like that different brands, read the user feedback,
Now the blank DVD, all blank DVD are 4.7 gigs keep that in mind ..
Buy a couple of blank DVD-r not DVD+r DVD-r are more suitable for all TV
 a spindle from BigW is cheaper,  They will keep for years,
TDK, Samsung Verbatum all good brands but I recommend check the label states with a burn speed written on the front of X 8 this guarantees the right burn speed for DVD as slower is better. I use x 4. It will also burn really fast for all other types of discs just don't go fast with DVD video.
If you can't find them just get x 16 and when you burn it in Windows DVD maker if you can choose burn speed select the lowest . X 8
Buy a couple of slim lined Cases for the DVD so you have something to slip it into and keep it safe. Also in the link below 
Now your ready to go..
Plug in your usb dvd rom let it install.
Always use the safely remove when done. Or just leave it plugged it.
Get your video together in a folder on your desktop.
Then using your windows 7 inbuilt DVD maker,
windows DVD makeropen it and drop in your video,<< check the output size does not exceed 4.5gig to allow a little room for lead in and lead out to be written,  converting from mp4 or any video format to mpeg2  @ 720x480 4:3.Will increase the size. The bigger the video scale the bigger the file/
 then set the options to finalise and create a menu  etc and once happy burn it/
Here's a simple how to. click next at the bootm for stage 2 etc
Burn a DVD-Video disc with Windows DVD Maker
Prefer a video guide, this one I watched and seems to explain it correctly and simply, you just want to make a DVD playable on a TV.
Some of those videos unreal how they don't distinguish between windows moviemaker which is for creating a movie with effects and windows DVD maker which is excellent for just making a DVD.
That's it.
If you need extra help I have a set of images I created as a tutorial with other questions.
All the Best
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