Allignment is not coming properly on other mail box ?

Hello expert,
below is my code,
This text is coming in mail but when i am forwarding this mail to  outlook or gmail in that case
below text  are  not coming properly
<pre><font face="Times New Roman" ><table border="1" style="width:600px">
<tr>  <td>ABC </td><td>EEE: +88-2-999-0909 </td><td>ABC *946-8078</td></tr>
<tr>  <td>BCC </td><td>EEE: +88-2-999-0909</td><td>ABC: *447-6540</td></tr>
<tr>  <td>C</td><td>EEE: +88-2-999-0909<</td><td>ABC: *427-1414</td></tr>
<tr>  <td>D</td><td>EEE: +88-2-999-0909<</td><td>ABC: *983-4292</td></tr>

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Displaying Like :

ABC                       EEE: +88-2-999-0909          ABC *946-8078
BCC                       EEE: +88-2-999-0909          ABC: *447-6540
C       EEE: ++88-2-999-0909          ABC: *427-1414
D       EEE: +88-2-999-0909          ABC: *983-4292

expected: alignment should be proper from left for every  column from left. here it is not looking proper what i have given here. but it should be proper alignment.
ABC                       EEE: +88-2-999-0909          ABC *946-8078
BCC                       EEE: +88-2-999-0909          ABC: *447-6540
C                          EEE: +88-2-999-0909         ABC: *427-1414
D                          EEE: +88-2-999-0909          ABC: *983-4292

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Big MontySenior Web Developer / CEO of Commented:
email clients are notorious for screwing with embedded html, so it may be out of your control. with that said, you may want to try specifying a fixed with for each of your columns and see if that helps. also, your html is invalid, your <pre> tags are not correctly placed, and neither is your font tags. try something like this:

<table border="1" style="width:600px; font-family: Times New Roman;">
<tr>  <td style="width:200px;" >ABC </td>
<td style="width:200px;">EEE: +88-2-999-0909 </td>
<td style="width:200px;">ABC *946-8078</td></tr>
<tr>  <td style="width:200px;">BCC </td>
<td style="width:200px;">EEE: +88-2-999-0909</td>
<td style="width:200px;">ABC: *447-6540</td></tr>
<tr>  <td style="width:200px;">C</td>
<td style="width:200px;">EEE: +88-2-999-0909<</td>
<td style="width:200px;">ABC: *427-1414</td></tr>
<tr>  <td style="width:200px;">D</td>
<td style="width:200px;">EEE: +88-2-999-0909<</td>
<td style="width:200px;">ABC: *983-4292</td></tr>

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RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
Outlook uses Word to render webpages and gmail strips a lot of formatting out.

This is the bible when it comes to sending html emails:

I did a heap of email templates and ended up using campaign monitor for sending any marketing material on email.    The principles are still the same when it comes to sending formatted content.

So what I suggest is if how it looks is important then you should either create a pdf or other relevant document and attach that, even an image will work.  It's not ideal but email tries to do too much when it comes to displaying messages, it should stick to just sending/receiving them.  The singing telegram didn't last long did it *laughing*
deve_thomosAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot...
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