Isolating a process within svchost


I have a workstation that is semi-freezing each hour for about 2 minutes.   Today I have managed to observe the case with process explorer open and found a svchost with 5 services seems to be the cause.

How can I isloate which service is causing the high cpu usage?
How can I split these 5 services to 1 svchost = 1 service?

Screenshots attached!

Chief AvocadoChief of Problem Avocado'sAsked:
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I don't think you can, but then I'm not really sure, but I did want to contribute that the Telephone service can usually be set to manual or disabled to no ill effect ( so long as you're not using a modem or some such). But at least that's one service you can eliminate as a potential problem.
The main Process Explorer window should have a CPU column showing which processes are using the most time.
As you mention there are more than one svchost.exe shown.  The svchost instances that are hosting other Services will have those other processes shown immediately below that svchost.  (Make sure View|"Show Process Tree" is being used.)  Their CPU use is also shown.  The svchost.exe instances not hosting other Services will not have other Services shown immediately below.
Or right click an instance of svchost.exe and choose Properties|Services tab to see what Services are being hosted.

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Chief AvocadoChief of Problem Avocado'sAuthor Commented:
I've noticed that not all svchosts have a tree of processes beneath it, even though the services tab shows multiple running services.  In my case pid 1452 does have several services which did not show on the tree.

I have narrowed the offending service down stopping a service and waiting for ten past to come round.    I have found that 'DNS Client' is causing the issue.

After some googling, I checked my local 'hosts' file and found a 2MB long list.   If I delete the file and copy over a default win7 file, restart the service then the issue does now seem to be fixed.

The long hosts file is something i was playing with over two years, so not sure I've had an issue for two years or a recent update has caused the issue.

Thanks for your processer explorer help
I understood you to say that restoring the HOSTS file to its original state (presumably blocking no websites) fixed the problem.  Good for you.
Chief AvocadoChief of Problem Avocado'sAuthor Commented:
The use of proccess explorer helped to identify the issue
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