Remove email from inbox, outlook 2007

I am running Outlook 2007 on a Windows 7 computer with a locally hosted exchange.  On the older Windows XP machine that I had, I would edit, delete & archive common email files each night by Right+Clicking a group of emails from my INBOX and drag them to a directory on the server for easy retrieval in the future. I could Right+Click and select MOVE and as I dragged the file over, it would disappear from my inbox (the desirable result).  Now, it leaves the copy in my inbox and moves a COPY over to the destination.

In short, is there any way that when I click and drag an email to a non-outlook folder it removes the email from my inbox?
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Yes, the default is now move rather than copy, so instead of right click drag use a standard left click drag.
OMITNJAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the quick response, but whether I use a left or right click drag, the email remains in outlook.
Ah, sorry, I misread, thought you were moving within outlook, not outlook to Windows Explorer. Got me stumped... you may have to 2 step it now copy then delete....
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Vlastimil SopuchDirectorCommented:
Hi mate,

How about holding the "shift" button on your keyboard while you drag & drop.

OMITNJAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply but the "shift" didn't work either. I'll just go with the two step method.

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OMITNJAuthor Commented:
Did not resolve the problem but was helpful in providing information and possible solutions.
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