Deleted THE AD Integrated DNS Zone

Ok, due to a 'small' mistake, we deleted the AD Integrated DNS zone on the only Domain Controller and DNS Server

Server 2008 R2
Domain Function Level: Server 2008 R2
Active Directory Integrated Zone
Domain name: DOMAIN  (not DOMAIN.local etc etc)

Not sure how much more detail you need.

I need info on a) recreating it or b) undeleting it

I found this:
But it wont work The first command returns nothing, no error, no results
PS>  get-adobject -filter 'isdeleted -eq $true -and msds-lastKnownRdn -eq "..Deleted-DOMAIN"' -includedeletedobjects -searchbase "DC=ForestDnsZones,DC=DOMAIN" -property *

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PS> get-adobject -filter 'isdeleted -eq $true' -includedeletedobjects

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Deleted           : True
DistinguishedName : CN=Deleted Objects,DC=DOMAIN
Name              : Deleted Objects
ObjectClass       : container
ObjectGUID        : aa6b138c-224f-406c-8e9b-8a4f2f05ca11

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Thanks for your advice
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You can check if the AD Recycle Bin is enabled by running
Get-ADOptionalFeature "Recycle Bin Feature"

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and check if the "Enabled Scopes" property has anything set.

Your zone might have been in a different naming context.  I don't know how much having a single-label domain name will affect things, if any.  Try searching DomainDnsZones (which is typical for a domain created in Server 2003 or newer), or just the default NC (i.e. DC=DOMAIN).
get-adobject -filter 'isdeleted -eq $true -and msds-lastKnownRdn -eq "..Deleted-DOMAIN"' -includedeletedobjects -searchbase "DC=DomainDnsZones,DC=DOMAIN" -property *

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tetraukAuthor Commented:
searching the other base still gets nothing even removing it gets nothing
tetraukAuthor Commented:
From what i have been reading,  if i create a new zone with the same name and restart netlogon on domain controller it will rebuild everything, and the client pc will register when they reboot.

Any problems with this idea?
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None at all.  If you don't have many records that you added manually (I'm guessing not with only one DC) then you won't have much work recreating them.  Clients configured with a static IP try to re-register their DNS records every 24 hours.  DHCP clients will also re-register, but I can't remember the time frame - I think it depends on your lease time.

Do you have a separate _msdcs zone?

BTW, I'd recommend moving away from a single-label domain name if you ever can.

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tetraukAuthor Commented:
yes the _msdcs.DOMAIN zone was unaffected

I have no clue why the person who set it up used a single label domain name....i just inherited it.

not sure if there ever is a good way of moving away, I suppose i could create a new tree in the forest and slowly migrate over one day...any key disadvantage of a single label domain?

I have noticed with other companies I can resolve domain.local in DNS, but in the company I cant resolve domain
Great,  Just needed to know if _msdcs was a separate zone or a child of the primary one for your domain.  Since it is a separate zone, you will need to recreate the delegation for it in your DOMAIN zone.

Depending on applications present, you may be able to perform a domain rename.  I've done one of these, and it is a non-trivial task.  Even when it is an option, I know some people prefer to create a new forest and use ADMT to migrate info (or if a small enough environment just manually join machines to the new domain).  MS has a good article that lays out some problems.
And looking at it, I see mention of a problem with clients dynamically registering their DNS record unless a registry change is made.
Another decent blog post is at
tetraukAuthor Commented:
great, thats what i needed to know
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