SAN - Replace HBAs (Win Failover Cluster and StoreOnce VTL)

Hello Experts!
I'm going to start off with some details about my environment so my question doesn't need to be too complex.

Current configuration.  

Two HP DL380 Gen 8 servers, each with two 4Gbps QLE2460 HBAs
Brocade Fiber Switches
3PAR F400 Storage
StoreOnce 4430

Two Windows Server 2008 R2 servers, (A and B) are clustered using MS Failover Clustering and contain Backup Exec 2012 cluster resources, File Server and Disk Drives.  Virtual Volumes are attached from 3PAR F400 to provide corporate shares and are backed up to a Virtual Tape Library that is attached to StoreOnce (D2D) 4430.

I want to swap the HBAs on the two servers for 8Gbps cards but I'm afraid that several things will break.  My plan is to change/replace the HBAs one by one (starting from inactive server) while rezoning on Fiber switches and reconfiguring the HOST in 3PAR F400 storage.  Process would entail the following:

1. Power Down Inactive server
2. Unassign HBA1 WWN from Inactive server in 3PAR
3. Remove WWPN from Fiber Switch Alias
4. Install HBA8Gbps1
5. Add WWPN to existing Fiber Switch Alias
6. Assign HBA8Gbps1 WWN from Inactive server in 3PAR
7. Power on Inactive server
8. Check SanSurfer and rebind Target IDs
9. Shutdown Inactive server
10. Disconnect HBA2
11. Power on Inactive server
12. Fail resources over and verify nothing is broken
          a.  All Shares, Disks exist from 3PAR
          b.  All VTL media is presented
13. Fail resources back to original server

Complete steps for HBA2...and for other server.

Does anyone have any experience with swapping out HBAs in a similar environment without having to rebuild everything?  Will my plan provide desirable results with minimal impact to the environment?

Please note I'm leaving out some of the small steps (Cluster Validation, Firmware and Drivers for HBA8Gbps...)

Thank you very much!
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SHBSystems ArchitectCommented:
Please follow the steps.

1. Power down the inactive host
2. Install new HBAs on the host
3. power on the host
4. Note down the new wwpns
5. Zone (just add the alias on the switch)
To Modify a WWN in the alias
aliadd "alias", "newwwn"
aliremove "alias", "oldwwn"
cfgenable "config_name"

6. On 3PAR run the commands
removehost hostname <oldwwpnn>  - This will remove the old wwpn on the host
createhost -add <newwwpn>   - This will add new wwpn to the hosts

7. Rescan the host and the LUNs should be visible on the host

8. Failover the cluster resources and check the application integrity

Let me know if this helps.

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CaffeinationAuthor Commented:
Thank you Shani, I performed similar steps and successfully replaced the HBA's without destroying the Windows Cluster's applications and shares.
SHBSystems ArchitectCommented:
I must have posted the comment before :)
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