How to make 2D games with custom graphics?

Hi everyone,

I'm currently building a game on Adobe Air using Starling and Box2D that will run on every possible device.
I want to be able to calculate and draw my own graphics with code.
(see attaced image)

With all search I've done on game making, everyone is talking about images and sprites.

I also found how to draw on bitmap and make starling texture with it, but I loose the performance with this technic.

How can I draw custom graphics and keeping my performance?

Is using Starling as framework is a mistake in this case?

Thank you for your help
Nicolas AlepinsAsked:
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Are these for flash?
No not from what I have read,
Hope you don't mind the links, but I cant really answer this only provide some pointers.
Top 10 Performance Killers in your AIR Application<< this has some very good pointers.
What are the major performance hitters in AS3 aside from rendering vectors?
May I offer you "The Starling Manual" If you havent already seen it
The Starling framework allows you to create hardware accelerated applications in Flash.
The main target is the creation of 2D games, but Starling can be used for any graphical application.
Skipping forward about 7 pages we get to
Textures and Images,
Please follow on with next steps at the bottom of each page
heres another
Introducing the Starling 2D framework

Hope it helps, I can really take any credit just offering a little help as your question has been left hanging.

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Nicolas AlepinsAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

In fact I finally found my answer by myself few days ago.
Using Starling Custom display object, I'm able to add native Stage3D content and keep the starling framework for the simplicity.

Since this is really not an easy solution, I didn't closed this question to see if anybody would have a better solution.

I'll mark your asnwer as the right one, since I don't think anybody will get another solution and that you provided me with some usefull links to create a good game and complete my project.

Thank you
Hi luminis8619, thank you.
Yes I am a bit surprised that your question didn't get any attention.
I love games!!
Good Game is a program here in Australia TV which I love to watch.
It's these two presenters Hex female and Bajo male that test and review games ..Brilliant stuff.
Check it out if you have time, watch the recent episode.
See Episode 30 - 26/08/2014
Good luck with your game programming
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