Video Editing: I am looking for a specific Video Editing software with the following features:

I am looking for a specific Video Editing software with the following features:

Note: All my movies are in .vob format (located in a VIDEO_TS folder)

1) All I want to do is:
            - to cut a movie into segments (strips)
            - to delete some of the segments (strips)
            - to maybe re-arrange the segments (strips) in a different order
            - to join the segments (strips) back together and save the movie in a common format such as:
                     or similar
            - the audio should should still be in sync with the picture after rendering
              (I have tried Video Editing programs where
              this was not the case and the lips started moving before the audio kicked in, ... how annoying)

2) I'm not interested in any other features as I won't use them. All I'm looking for is a program that does this simple task and does it well:
            - relatively fast
            - stable (without crashing)
            - easy to learn and use

3) I'm willing to pay for a program that does this well, ... but maybe a free program will do as well (as it's just a hobby).

4) At the moment I am using 'Windows Live Movie Maker' on my old 'Windows Vista Home Premium' computer, but I would like to also use the program on my new Windows 8.1 laptop.

'Windows Live Movie Maker' gets the job done, but:
          - it's very slow
          - it seems to struggle with bigger files
          - it's cumbersome to use (e.g. skipping through the movie to find the place where you want to cut)
          - it doesn't support Windows 8.1, which means  I can't install it on my new laptop

On the plus side, 'Windows Live Movie Maker' didn't take long to learn as it's not loaded with features I won't ever use.

Many thanks in advance,

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>>  'Windows Live Movie Maker' gets the job done, but:
           - it's very slow  <<    this is probably due to your system specs, too slow cpu, and too little ram
what specs do you have, or laptop model?
H AAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your reply!

My system specs are:

1) Desktop (Dell Inspiron 545):
Windows Vista Home Premium
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU       Q8300@2.5GHz
32-bit Operating system

2) Laptop (Samsung):
Windows 8.1
AMD  A6-4455M  APU  with Radeon HD Graphics  2.1GHz
6GB RAM (5.46GB usable)
64-bit Operating system

Windows Live Movie Maker is compatible with 'Windows Vista Home Premium', but not with 'Windows 8.1' (or Windows 7).

I would assume that, as long as I'm willing to spend some money, there is a program out there that is better than Windows Live Movie Maker (for what I'm trying to do).

I'm not looking for a super-fast solution and I don't mind how much time the 'rendering process' takes as I can do the rendering over night. The annoying thing with Windows Live Movie Maker is, that the 'scrolling' through the movie and the actual cutting and rearranging takes a long time.

I hope this helps and thank you in advance for your help,

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Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
In the 7 best list above, I have been using AVS4YOU's AVS Video Editor since 2009.

The $39.99 version is for 1 year license, but you can get a lifetime license for $59.99. When you purchase a license, you access to ALL of their software:
Video Software
AVS Video Converter
AVS Video Editor
AVS Video ReMaker
AVS Video Recorder
AVS Media Player
Audio Software
AVS Audio Converter
AVS Audio Editor
AVS Ringtone Maker
AVS Audio Recorder
AVS Disc Creator
Image Software
AVS Image Converter
AVS Photo Editor
AVS Cover Editor
Misc. Software
AVS Disc Creator
AVS Registry Cleaner
AVS Document Converter

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Windows Live Movie Maker works on my Win7... Honestly I find it very easy and yes every so often it needs to prepare a video and it could be 5M or 1G. Odd... Go make some coffee and have some cake.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
I just wanted to add the following:

Video editors LOVE memory - if you can add more to your laptop, it would help.

The latest version of WL Movie Movie Maker is called simply Movie Maker and works well on Win 7 & Win 8.
since you like Movie maker - and the page i posted clearly says for win8.1 - i suppose that's your easiest solution
H AAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot for your help!

I did what paulsauve suggested and bought the AVS4YOU lifetime license for $59.99.

Instead of 'AVS Video Editor' I'm using 'AVS Video ReMaker'. It's fast, a lot leaner and does exactly what I need.,

Thanks again,

Working with HA on other questions I came across this one..Is this the new method to buy video editing tools a yearly subscription. it's not like this software will wear out.
Everything with windows 8 is the same.
Even Office has gone this way.
It's all money based, shame that. We were the lucky generation buy once and keep it, now MS is forcing upgrades or else.
I'd rather own it for life and have life updates.
Times are changing.
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