VOIP Phone System -- 3CX

Going to purchase a 3CX system in two weeks.

 1. Does anyone have reasons why 3CX is not a good choice for very BASIC phone features ?

 2. Any phone make / model recommendations for very BASIC phone features ?
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
3CX is a great system. While I am firmly committed to the Lync system, I keep apprised of what is out there and most of try e SMB systems are really variants of Asterisk. Which is, truthfully, mediocre which makes 3CX unique in that space. If the features match your needs, you'll be happy.
I was a reseller for 3CX for a little while. It is a very decent phone system and they do make a real effort to have an actual list of compatible hardware, firmware etc. that they support. The system was fairly easy to configure and set up.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with 3CX. It's production-ready, and is a lot more approachable than Asterisk, especially for anyone who is not already very Linux-savvy.

The main cons that I can see to 3CX is that because it is a Windows application, a production deployment really does require the Server edition of Windows and fairly powerful hardware. That can be a pretty big extra expense. You will spend $2000+ on a server and Windows licensing for 3CX where an old Pentium 4 could handle the workload just as well for the equivalent implementation in Asterisk.

Also because is is proprietary and closed source you there are limitations to what you can do with it. If 3CX doesn't explicitly support whatever you're trying to get it to do, you are out of luck.

Most implementations of Asterisk (e.g. FreePBX) you can dive in and get right into the nuts and bolts, rewrite entire dial plans if you are so inclined and completely change the way the whole telephony system works - often to your own detriment. It is massively flexible, and also quite complicated.

Regarding which phones to get - stick with "preferred" models (and firmware revisions!) that are explicitly listed on 3CX's hardware compatibility list to minimize your implementation headaches.


Because after all - if 3CX doesn't configure the phone correctly for WHATEVER reason, there's very little you can do to modify the way 3CX works to fix the problem - it's closed source proprietary software.

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