What's causing overtype mode in Sticky Notes?


When using the Sticky Notes application from the Windows 7 Start > Accessories menu, what would cause it to go into an overtype mode? More importantly, how can I switch it back to its normal non-overtype mode?

For your information, I've got several other apps (Notepad, Excel, Word, Chrome, QuickBooks) open at the same time but the overtyping does not occur anywhere but in Sticky Notes. Also, I have ruled out the "Ins" key as being the culprit. I know that toggles overtype in other applications but it has no effect here.

Finally, closing and restarting the Sticky Notes application fixes things but the problem has occurred several times now so I'm curious to know what's happening.

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Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
I started thinking this was a keyboard shortcut, but can't find one, and there are some pretty exhaustive lists out there:

Sticky Notes uses the  Rich Edit Controls

do you use any custom keyboard mapping tools - like AutoHotKey?

Is your Insert key near any other keys that you might use? - on my laptop, it's just above BackSpace, so an attack of the Fat Fingers might mean I would clip it....

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Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
btw, Insert key DOES toggle overtype for me in Sticky Notes....
WeThotUWasAToadAuthor Commented:
do you use any custom keyboard mapping tools - like AutoHotKey?
Thanks for the comments Dan. As a matter of fact, I do use AHK — extensively. In fact, after Excel, it is my favorite and most-used application. I have multiple macro & (keyboard) remapping scripts running all the time.

I thought I had ruled out an AHK conflict however but I will go back and check that again.

Also, thanks for the info in your 2nd comment. I assume you are running Windows 7 (or 8) so I need to re-examine that issue as well.
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
thanks for the points... Yes, was testing on w7, myself.  My feeling is that AHK is going to be part of the issue here... do you use the Insert key in any of your macros?
Shahid KhadimCommented:
ALT + INSERT and there you go
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