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Using Proxy email addresses in Exchange to allow multiple email addresses


I have come across a request that I have not yet dealt with regarding email addresses and proxy addresses.

I work as a system admin (rookie admin) for a company. (CompanyA.com)
We are owned by a larger corporate company. (CompanyB.com)

Recently, our president of CompanyA.com was replaced by an employee of CompanyB.com.
This new president from CompanyB.com would like to have a CompanyA.com address as well as his CompanyB.com address during the transition.
He would like to be able to get mail at both addresses and reply with the appropriate email address depending on who at which company emails him.

Our company, (CompanyA.com) uses Exchange 2007 presently, but will be converting to Office 365 by September.
CompanyB.com currently uses Office 365.

I am unsure if I need to get the other IT department to do something on their server while I add the proxy email address to mine.

This is pretty high priority, so I got to try to have it done by the first of the week.
1 Solution
You can add a proxy (alias) address to the email mailbox, but if the two email SMTP domains are separate then this will not work.  In addition, using proxy addresses like this will not give the user the ability to pick a 'from' address when replying.

In this situation, making the assumption that Outlook Anywhere (a.k.a. RPC over HTTP) is enabled, you could add the other mailbox as an additional Exchange mailbox in the same Outlook profile (Outlook needs to be closed to do this, so use the Control Panel applet: Mail to accomplish).  This way, both inboxes will be visible in the Outlook profile, both accounts can be replied from individually but, it is still quite simple to accidentally reply to an email sent to User@CompanyA.com from User@CompanyB.com.

Hope this helps.
Addy NadiaExpertCommented:

In the mailbox Properties of new president from CompanyB.com, amke the another CompanyA.com Email address as a Secondary Email address. If from this domain.. there already having a Accpeted Domain in Exchange organization. From this wayu a new president would recieve email if recieving on both email address.

and then if New user want to Set as Reply a New Email address of CompanyB.com, then mark that email address as Set as Reply.

As i think this is you want as per the request.

lcutliffeAuthor Commented:
Thanks, after looking at my options, it looks like this is the most sensible one for the situation.

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