DELL Vostro 3460 firmware upgrade error

Hi experts,
Please I need help to upgrade firmware of Dell Vostro 3460 (Phoenix Firmware).
Actually this equipment present a problem to start.
It´s necessary to push down the "start key" several times until appears suddenly Dell logo, then urgently pressing F12 the "options window" appears and its possible to select Hard Disk, USB driver, etc to start it up.
From manufacturer this notebook came with FW version 3460_A13.
From Dell Support web page I`ve downloaded all off FW´s available.
I used DOS and Windows methods to do the upgrade, but always I received the next message:
Error 216 - Failed to read Bios from ROM Status = 1604
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First of all make sure the battery is fully loaded and also that the mains power is connected. Then check in the BIOS, many have a setting where you can enable or disable BIOS upgrades. You may have to enable it there first.

Also, did you read what your upgrades should fix? Usually a list of enhancements or fixes is listed for each BIOS version, and if your problems aren't listed as having been fixed there, a BIOS upgrade won't help. Then it is more likely that you have another issue with your laptop, and if it is a hardware problem, it is possible that your BIOS upgrade will fail, and that can brick your PC completely.
macastriAuthor Commented:
Hi rindi, thanks very much for your answer.

Battery it is OK, only 14 months old.
There is no option to enable or disable BIOS upgrade's and DELL don't talk about it.
I am perfectly aware that there's a problem on BIOS. Perhaps a corrupted UEFI firmware.
I'm doing a tentative to install a new firmware or in another words to reflash the old one.
Due to it's out of guarantee, I have no chances.
I must to repair BIOS or change  the motherboard for a new one.
Sometimes it is also necessary to reset the BIOS settings to defaults before trying the upgrade. Also make sure the BIOS you have downloaded are meant for your PC model (Use your service tag so only what is applicable for your PC is shown on the download page).
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macastriAuthor Commented:
Yes that's right, it's one of the first thing to do: Reset the BIOS to the manufacturer state. I've did it but no changed the situation.
Just as you mentioned, I've looked for firmwares using service tags.  By the way, it's one possibility the firmwares available at DELL support aren't the correct's ones. It's not the first time utilities at manufacturer's site are not corrects.
On monday I'll call DELL support to check it.
it can be a faulty bios chip
in that case, you can try replacing it by Dell, or another company like this :
macastriAuthor Commented:
Hi nobus.
I don’t think that it’s a BIOS chip problem, because I can start up the notebook and use it normally using the trick as I’ve mentioned above.
By the way, thanks very much for the link you send me.
These guys obviously know a lot about BIOS business.
It’s was very useful the Repair Section, but unfortunately I’ve arrived to a point very complicated for my knowledge.
To be more clear, Vostro 3460 BIOS use the new UEFI technology and really DELL firmware’s are very well developed.
So well developed that until now I could not find a way to extract or transform an .exe file (firmware file format distributed by DELL) into a .wph file.
WPH is the file format for flashing BIOS using Phlash16.exe or Phkash17.exe from Phoenix.
I`m stopped at this point. Looking for a way to get a file wph.
On modern PC's you usually install the BIOS directly from within Windows by executing the file, and not via a utility like Phlash etc.
macastriAuthor Commented:
Hi Rindi.
It's absolutely true as long as everything runs smoothly.
DELL firmware's upgrades may be executed from DOS or Windows... generally it's recommended do it from DOS perhaps because DOS it's more stable !!!
As I mentioned earlier there is a problem and I suspect that it is the corrupted BIOS.
Actually I can't perform the firmware upgrade from DOS or Windows, I always receive the following message:
ERROR 216 - Failed to read BIOS from ROM! Status = 1604

That's why I need to do re flashing.
that's why i suggested replacing the bios chip = it is bad...
let Dell or another company do it

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why the B grade ?  i believe my solution is the only valid, and correct one, and deserves an A
don't give a B because you don't like it!
macastriAuthor Commented:
My apologizes Nobus.
I'm considering the answer for the original question: How to force an upgrade to a Vostro 3460.
Technically speaking there wasn't any advice to force that upgrade.
I'm sorry but for my opinion that's why I've selected a B.
Best regards.
sure there is - replace the bios chip; that's the solution!
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