Excel complete formula depends on the cell is filled or not otherwise use other cell

dear experts,

could anybody help me with this one. I like to fill this command below depending on Excel-Cells. So far so good.
The formula should check if the cell C9 has a value (email adress) and if not use CELL C8 to complete the
command. If C9 has a value use this if not use C8

Thanks in advance

CELL C8 test@test.com
CELL C9 jones@gal.com

="Set-Mailbox -EmailAddresses 'SMTP:"&C8&"' -SingleItemRecoveryEnabled $true -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $false -Displayname '"&B5&"'

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Ejgil HedegaardCommented:
Use IF(LEN(C9),C9,C8) for C8 in the formula, like this
="Set-Mailbox -EmailAddresses 'SMTP:"&IF(LEN(C9),C9,C8)&"' -SingleItemRecoveryEnabled $true -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $false -Displayname '"&B5&"'"

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Mandy_Author Commented:
Thanks. I'm getting #name?
Mandy_Author Commented:

if i use the string below i'm getting   #name?
I dont know what is wrong

="Set-Mailbox -identity "jones, robert" -EmailAddresses 'SMTP:"&IF(LEN(C9),C9,C8)&"'"
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Ejgil HedegaardCommented:
jones, robert is between the 2 texts "Set-Mailbox -identity " and " -EmailAddresses 'SMTP:" without & to join.
It should be
="Set-Mailbox -identity "&"jones, robert"&" -EmailAddresses 'SMTP:"&IF(LEN(C9),C9,C8)&"'"
="Set-Mailbox -identity jones, robert -EmailAddresses 'SMTP:"&IF(LEN(C9),C9,C8)&"'"

Strange you can enter it.
Mandy_Author Commented:
Still the same. #name?
to join the name is not needed. I put the formula  ="Set-Mailbox -EmailAddresses 'SMTP:"&IF(LEN(C9),C9,C8)&"'"
in cell C10 and it should resolve from the CELL C9 (123@test.com) like 'SMTP:123@test.com‘ or if the CELL C9 is
empty from Cell C8. The result should be  

Set-Mailbox -EmailAddresses 'SMTP:123@test.com‘     or Set-Mailbox -EmailAddresses SMTP:456@test.com‘
if the cell C9 is empty and C8 is 456@test.com.
Ejgil HedegaardCommented:
The error #name? means Excel can't recognise the used function, and 'think' it is a named range, and that name don't exist.
Are you using an English version of Excel?

Try typing the formula =IF(LEN(C9),C9,C8) in an empty cell.
When you type =i a list with available functions starting with i are shown, and if IF is not on the list, that is the problem.
Ejgil HedegaardCommented:
See sheet with the formula.

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Mandy_Author Commented:
thank you so much
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