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Load Fonts from Adobe


i have a new server 2012 R2 system. certain PDF's were not looking right. i was told to load fonts from adobe.
can anyone guide me how that is done  ?
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1 Solution
Right click on the TTF font and choose install.
The application using the font needs to be restarted; some applications require the entire computer to be restarted.
I dont know what they mean by that?
Try typing in Fonts into your search
In my windows 7 they located in
Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Fonts
Open the folder and left click on one it should show install if not installed
Which fonts do you need do you know?
Which Adobe version?
Run windows updates?
How to Install Adobe Fonts
intelogentAuthor Commented:
thanks for chiming in... I read the article, but I see how to install Adobe fonts.  did I miss it.. ?
won't you please elaborate   ?
Are you using Adobe illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe??
your using a specific set of fonts for web?
Adobe Web Fonts are selected from the Adobe Type Library, a collection of fonts ...
Adobe Type Image

OpenType and Adobe applications illustrated here
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intelogentAuthor Commented:
no i am not using the illustrator...

actually it came from tech support of tax software... a certain page of the tax software which was a pdf, was illegible. They told me i need to go to adobe, and load adobe's fonts.

does that make any sense  ?
Yes it does thank you but it also adds a question mark why they are sending you documents with PDF and Fonts you don't have and then send you in a direction  they don't seem to know how to solve either.
Installing Fonts from Adobe are purchased packages.
OpenType® Fonts from Adobe®
Windows Issues
Some fonts do not appear in application font menus (style linking):
 A family of fonts appears to be installed. Some of the installed fonts from the family, but not all, appear in the font menu. Specifically, some of the weights are missing, and all of the italic fonts. The problem typically occurs in some applications (e.g. Microsoft Word, Adobe PageMaker, QuarkXPress) but not others (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign).
 The other "missing" fonts are accessible by using the bold and italic style buttons in each application. There are two ways to tell which fonts are linked to which.
1.Use the Adobe Web site. Go to http://www.adobe.com/type, and navigate to the font package that contains the fonts in question

Did you happen to see the name of the  missing Font?

Honestly I never seen this before.
You didn't create the PDF.
Also it seems it could be other possibilities.
This is a new system?
New server 2012 R2 system
Also you say>certain PDF, only PDF within a set of pages in word?
Are you using Adobe Acrobat reader?  Adobe Reader 11? which version of Adobe do you have?
Which program is set to open PDF?
If you don't have have Adobe Reader 11 download here
Then try this>right click the file, choose properties tab. In the general tab you will see the "CHANGE" tab.
 click change tab and click "adobe reader" all your pdf should return to normal.
If that doesn't work
May I suggest you try opening the PDF in Foxit Reader and test it displays correctly
It is a work around
Known issues | Acrobat XI, Reader XI
I don't use Adobe anymore
If we cant find a solution I'll get you some help

Some ideas to try
Adobe Acrobat 10 Displays/Prints Gibberish
Why do fonts look messed up in Adobe Acrobat?
intelogentAuthor Commented:
i am going to refer back to them and clarify... then i will be back... thanks for the comments
Look forward to your progress, it's really interesting.
Would love to know their response and see what they come with up.
Thank you

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