Oracle Connection Error - ORA-12514: TNSlistener does nto currently know of service requestedon connect description

Hoping someone can explain what this error means and how to resolve.  Have a windows C# application that is trying to connect to a Oracle database.  Can connect fine through SQL Developer.  

Oracle Connection Error - ORA-12514: TNSlistener does nto currently know of service requestedon connect description
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Check the tnsnames.ora file under the NETWORK/ADMIN folder where you installed the Oracle data providers for C#.

SQL Developer doesn't have to use it and likely uses a different ORACLE_HOME if it does.

If you aren't using ODP.Net, I strongly suggest you start.  The 12c Managed driver seems pretty decent in my initial testing and doesn't require an Oracle Client install.

In a nutshell the error means the Oracle service/sid you are trying to connect to isn't known by the listener you are talking to.

If the server/port is correct in your connect string then the database may be down or not registered with the listener.  Since you can connect through SQL Developer, it is likely a config issue in the C# Oracle client.

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Check the listener service if it is running, try pinging the listener or check the listener status using lsnrctl,
Also check for open ports 1521 by using "netstat" or "nmap" commands
It's also possible the database is down so it hasn't self-registered to the listener, or the database has the local listener parameter set to a listener other than the one you're connecting to.

ask your dba to check the server

This asssumes the database was up previously while using sql developer but has gone down since then while using the .net app
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