Windows 8.1 system continually freezing

I have a desktop running Windows 8.1 with an SSD and it keeps freezing up. If running Chrome the message "waiting for cache" appears but there is no other clue.

Any ideas anyone?
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The only thing i can think of is your HD that has some issues. When did this start happening? Do you see any error messages in the event viewer? Happen to have a HDD scanner to check and see if there is an issue with it?
Do all programs have these issues or only Chrome??
grwallaceAuthor Commented:
All programs have the issue - when it freezes if freezes.

It started happening when I installed Windows 8.1 and the SSD. It is bearable because of the really short reboot time.

On looking in the event viewer I get a lot of errors on livecom.exe which may or may not be related
livecom.exe is a tool that is used for communication with Microsoft Live.
I have seen issues with an infected version of it. Did you run a virusscanning tool or Spyware tool MalwareBytes Antimalware is a good place to start).
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Have you navigated to 'Update and Recovery' and selected 'Refresh'?  This will repair the OS without losing any data.
Saw this sometimes with SSDs. Solution was always to do a firmware upgrade of the SSD. Check if there is one, and also check if it harms the data.
If the system is freezing up its likely a hardware problem, best place to start is by updating your video card driver. Onboard (Use the intel driver update utility for intel onboard graphics) (amd updater for amd and radeon gpu's) for nvida graphics cards. They all have an automatically detect feature.

2). Is the OS installed on the SSD or is the SSD a caching drive using intel rapid storage technology? SSD or hard drive failure (or entering a failure state) will lock up like this (but if it does not do the same "locking up" problem in safe mode then its not hardware related and a software issue is troubling your PC. If you do use the rapid storage technology caching updating your intel raid driver might fix the problem. Best thing to do is to boot into safe mode by pressing f8 continuously after powering your computer on until you get to the screen that gives you the option to boot into safe mode. Choose safe mode with networking and attempt to use your computer normally and see if you can get it to lock up. Safe mode is designed to operate with minimal requirements and disables almost every startup service/software programs installed and runs on the basic requirements to boot into windows. Any locking up here points directly to a bad hdd or ssd.

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grwallaceAuthor Commented:
I purchased a new SSD and that seems to have solved the problem
And... did you try the suggestions as well?
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