Dynamic Pricing Meter ?

This is a pricing meter that is suppposed to reflect options that a user chooses (it will be in a form below).

Example, user is selecting a laptop, making adjustments to CPU, memory, screen size, etc.

As they make choices and recalculate the price meter should animate to reflect the new price.

This will be done in Drupal. Are there existing modules? Or if not Drupal, exisiting JavaScript frameworks that can get me here?

screen capture
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Alexandre SimõesManager / Technology SpecialistCommented:
I don't know about Drupal specific modules but I guess it doesn't matter anyway.
Your data should come either from client-side calculations or AJAX requests feeding the javascript based gauge chart with the data.

Here are some good resources:

All of the above have comprehensive demos and examples.

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Ray PaseurCommented:
There are so many moving parts to an application like this, that I think you'll get better results if you break it down into component parts.  Here is my guess at the outline.

1. A simple form script to configure the laptop.  As you start, you can make the request via GET, but when you implement the application you will want to change to POST.  The advantage of GET is that you can make the requests via the browser URL while you are testing.  This script will eventually become the server-side of the AJAX application.  It will be easier to debug this separately, decoupled from the client-side JavaScript.

2. A database abstraction layer.  The server-side script will need to send the laptop configuration to the data base layer and get back validated data, including cost components.  Since laptop prices change rapidly and frequently this should be a separate module.

3. A client-side layer that (at first) just displays the cost components.  As your other layers of the application come together, this layer can begin to build attractive visual elements like charts or sliders, based on the data from the AJAX server-side script.

It's an interesting project.  Good luck with it!
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