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unable to turn off proxy win 8.1 pro

System: win8.1 pro workgroup
System will not allow http I get proxy error.

When I go to internet connections and unclick proxy it resets it again.

Please advise
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Hal, you surely have more Details and screenshots for us, have you?
What error message do you see, when do you see it? What is the proxy being reset to?
If you are not using a proxy something has set the proxy and it will not allow you to change it. Malware generally will do this and is usually a startup item that is running with Windows. Use the freeware program called "Rogue Killer" and see if this fixes the problem,  it is available for free in the download section on
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I wonder why that would make a difference. Maybe in safe mode, the resetting "thing" doesn't run"? Malware? I would not be so content now.
Exactly. Safe mode loads and runs a minimal set of drivers, dll's, and programs, along with default video. I agree that the issue was most likely caused by malware. A full scan with MalwareBytes AntiMalware would definitely be worthwhile.


Download MBAM and allow it to update and run a full scan. If there is anything there, MBAM should find it.

Glad it solved your issue.